Depend on Services from DeBroux Automotive

DeBroux delivers honest and experienced auto repair services to you!

Are you embarrassed by your car or truck as it sputters, coughs and jerks before finally heading down the road? Are you burning through fuel and oil like it’s going out of style? Whatever auto repair services your car or truck needs our reliable, qualified mechanics will diagnose the problem and fix it for you, hassle-free!

From oil changes to engine rebuilding, DeBroux Automotive performs repairs on all makes and models of vehicles. No job is too tough for our highly-trained and experienced auto repair technicians. We’ve earned a reputation for honest, reliable work since opening our shop in 1989. Trust us to get your car or truck running and humming safely down the road again. Bring your vehicle to DeBroux Automotive for our auto repair services!

Repair and Maintenance Services from DeBroux Automotive

Battery Service

We can help you find out the condition of your car battery with our battery and electrical system checks and repair services. Come in today and save yourself a headache down the road.
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Brake Service

Properly functioning brakes are one of the most important safeguards keeping you and other drivers safe. If you notice anything unusual with your brakes, bring your vehicle to DeBroux Automotive for a full inspection.
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Cooling System Service

A properly functioning cooling system isn’t a luxury in Northwest Florida, it’s a necessity. Our highly-trained and certified mechanics know how to keep your AC running at peak performance to keep you comfortable.
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Engine Repair

Bring your vehicle in to DeBroux Automotive for engine repairs and automotive computer reflashing. Our mechanics use high-tech diagnostic tools to identify problems with your vehicle’s engine.
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Exhaust System Repair

When something goes wrong with your exhaust system, you may notice strange noises, behaviors, or fumes from your exhaust system. Call DeBroux Automotive for quality exhaust system repairs you can count on.
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Fuel-Air Induction Clean-Up

Car running sluggish? Let DeBroux put the pep back in your engine! We offer fuel-air induction cleaning to eliminate build-up and restore the proper balance of fuel and air in your vehicle’s system.
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Oil Change

The best way to keep your vehicle on the road and running smoothly is by changing the oil in your engine regularly. Clean, fresh oil provides the proper lubrication to prevent major engine damage.
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Preventative Maintenance

Proper maintenance can help your car or truck run smoother and last for years to come. Help keep your car in top shape by bring it in for routine checkups and scheduled maintenance services.
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Radiator Service

Avoid the damage caused by an overheated engine by keeping it cool with radiator service from DeBroux. We perform radiator repairs, replacements, flushes and coolant changes to keep your engine running cool and efficient.
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Tire Sales & Service

Taking a big summer road trip? Heading to see the family for the holidays? Need new tires but not sure where to begin? No matter where your journey might lead you, stop into DeBroux Automotive before you go.
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Transmission Service

Transmission services are an important part of your vehicle’s maintenance requirements. Routine inspections, fluid changes and repairs reduce the chances of facing major transmission problems down the road.
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