When You Brake, Make Sure Your Car Does, Too

Bring your vehicle to DeBroux Automotive for a full inspection of your brake pads, rotors and all the components of your brake system.

A vital part of your vehicle’s maintenance plan includes scheduling brake service to make sure this important system functions properly.

The brakes on your car or truck rank among the most important systems keeping you, your family and others safe on the road. In an emergency, properly functioning brakes can make the difference between a close call and an accident. If you notice unusual sounds when applying your brakes or it takes longer than normal to come to a stop, bring your vehicle to DeBroux for brake service.

Schedule Brake Service and Inspections Annually

We recommend having your brakes inspected at least once a year. If you use your vehicle for hauling heavy loads or drive in extreme conditions, we recommend having your brake system inspected more often.

Should you notice any of the following, bring your vehicle in right away:

  • Low or spongy brake pedal
  • Hard brake pedal
  • Continuously squealing or grinding brakes
  • Brake warning light that stays on

If you notice these warning signs or any other unusual brake noises or conditions, have your brakes checked out.

Hire the Professionals at DeBroux to Change Your Brake Fluid

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend checking your brake fluid level at regular intervals. However, if you notice a problem with your brake fluid, DeBroux recommends letting professionals take care of the refill, change, or flush.

This task requires at least a dozen specialized tools, some of which are unique to the job. Brake fluid requires careful handling, since it is toxic and can eat away at your vehicle’s paint.

Get the Right Brakes for Your Vehicle

When you bring your vehicle into DeBroux for brake service, we’ll recommend the right replacement parts for your vehicle. We take into account environmental conditions, custom modifications and your personal driving style and provide the best components for you and your car or truck. Let our experienced mechanics help you decide on the best options within your budget. We will match the best brake pads and rotors to meet your specific needs.

Brake Pad and Rotor Inspections

Come by DeBroux Automotive for your brake inspections. We visually inspect the brake pads, rotors and all other related parts and even test drive your vehicle to make sure everything works as it should. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection by one of our certified mechanics!