Exhaust System Repair from DeBroux Automotive

Your car’s exhaust system: it’s one of the most critical mechanisms in the entire automobile.

In addition to keeping fumes from entering the cabin, the exhaust system cuts down on emissions and helps your engine run efficiently.

When something goes wrong in this system, though, it can be tough to identify and address the issue. If you’ve noticed strange noises, behaviors, or fumes from your exhaust system, you deserve skilled, quality exhaust system repair services you can count on.

Fortunately, DeBroux Automotive is here to help. Contact us today for exhaust service, muffler repair, catalytic converter service, and more!

Your Exhaust Repair Specialist

Your car’s emission system is complex. Beginning at the engine, the system runs through exhaust pipes that connect to engine cylinders, the catalytic converter, the muffler, and, finally, to the tailpipe.

Here’s a brief rundown of how the system works:

The exhaust pipe collects exhaust gases for your car. Next, the oxygen sensors analyze the gasses and transmit the information to the car’s computer systems. From there, the catalytic converter converts the gasses into water vapor and gasses that less harmful for the environment than their original forms. Finally, the gasses leave the system through the muffler, which reduces the noise of their emissions and helps the engine run as smoothly as possible.

When something goes wrong in that system, our auto repair team will identify, address, and resolve the issue entirely — so you can get back on the road.

Three Important Signs of Exhaust System Trouble

Not sure your exhaust system is running correctly? Here are some telltale signs to pay attention to:

  • Vibration — Unexpected losses of power or vibration while your car is running may indicate a problem with your exhaust system. In some cases, the symptom begins because you have a hole somewhere in the exhaust system, or because two parts aren’t connected securely.
  • Irregular Exhaust — If you’ve noticed that your car’s exhaust volume has increased, or the color or quality of the exhaust is different, there may be an issue with your car’s muffler. While muffler problems are generally quite easy to repair, they do require immediate attention.
  • Decreased Fuel Efficiency — Your car’s emissions system promotes fuel efficiency. When something in the system goes bad, the car runs less efficiently. If you’ve noticed a marked difference in your fuel efficiency, take your vehicle in for an exhaust examination.


Catalytic converter diagramCatalytic Converters

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think much about your catalytic converter. Until it goes bad, that is. If you hear a sudden, unexpected noise, like someone shaking a box full of metal parts, it’s a sure-fire sign your catalytic converter is having problems.

Luckily, the mechanics here at DeBroux Automotive specialize in catalytic converter repair. When you come to us for service, we’ll evaluate this critical engine component, identify the root of the problems, and solve them as quickly as possible.

Our team of catalytic converter and exhaust repair specialists is highly-trained and qualified and dedicated to getting you back in the driver’s seat in no time. Problem with your car’s oxygen sensor? We can handle that, too! With our attention, your vehicle will pass emissions tests with ease and continue to run efficiently and cleanly.

muffler systemMufflers

We’ve all heard what it sounds like when a car drives around with a big hole in its muffler, and it’s safe to say none of us are shooting for that particular effect. If you notice that your car has been noisier than usual lately, or that it lacks power when you drive, you may need muffler repair.

No matter what kind of exhaust system repair you’re seeking, DeBroux Automotive is your go-to. Specializing in auto repair from catalytic converters and beyond, we’re the friendly, reliable, local Pensacola automotive shop you can count on. Contact us today to schedule your service!