Get Honest, Reliable Transmission Service from DeBroux Automotive

Like a regularly scheduled oil change, transmission service should become part of your vehicle maintenance routine.

If your vehicle’s transmission has issues or your check engine light comes on, you may need transmission service repair.

When a vehicle’s transmission fails to operate as intended, there are several signs to look for. Drivers often notice a reduction in power and acceleration speed. This may be accompanied by a burning smell, noticeably reduced fuel efficiency or clunking and humming sounds.

If you notice any of these tell-tale signs or a warning light illuminates on your vehicle, bring it in to the transmission service experts at DeBroux Automotive.

What Does Transmission Service Include?

Depending on your vehicle’s exact requirements, DeBroux’s transmission service includes:

  • Removing and examining the sump or pan, if possible
  • Replacing or cleaning the transmission fluid screen or filter
  • Cleaning the pan
  • Reinstalling the pan with a new pan gasket
  • Pumping out the old fluid and replacing it with new, high-quality automatic transmission fluid
  • Adding a friction modifier or additive package appropriate for your make and model

Our highly trained mechanics follow your vehicle’s manufacturer recommended guidelines to keep your transmission operating properly. We’ll perform a thorough inspection, change your transmission fluid and, if necessary, replace the transmission filter.

In some cases, we’ll also recommend flushing out your transmission fluid to get your car running like it should. A transmission flush pushes out the grime and metal shavings that can build up over time. After removing the old fluid and flushing out debris, new fluid and any recommended cleaning solutions are added to the system. Regular transmission service and inspection keeps your vehicle moving and helps avoid the cost of a major transmission repair.

Replacing or Rebuilding Your Transmission

Unfortunately, we sometimes see transmissions that need more than a standard filter and fluid replacement. In the worst-case scenario, we may recommend rebuilding your vehicle’s transmission. This extensive transmission repair can be incredibly complex and time consuming, so we’ll discuss your options including replacing the entire system.

This major mechanical overhaul can be one of the most expensive repairs needed for your car or truck. Our highly-trained auto technicians will perform a computer diagnostic to identify any problems and recommend the appropriate service.

Trust DeBroux Automotive for Reliable Transmission Service

Whether your vehicle needs new transmission fluid, a new sensor or more involved transmission work, we’ll discuss the options and recommended repairs. Give us a call and make an appointment to speak with our certified mechanics today.