Prevent Car Problems with Regular Checkups

The best way to help prolong the life of your vehicle is to bring it in for our affordable preventative maintenance services.

Whether you make frequent long-distance trips or stay close to home, preventative maintenance is the best way to care for your vehicle!

Your car or truck represents a serious investment of your hard-earned income. With proper care, your car or truck will run smoother and more efficiently for years to come.

Regular Checkups are the Key to a Long-Lasting Vehicle

Help your car or truck last as long as possible by taking the time to get routine checkups. Every vehicle has specific manufacturer’s recommendations that spell out how to keep it in good condition. The maintenance schedule for your car’s make, model and year lists the parts and systems that should be inspected, replaced or rotated and how often to do so.

DeBroux Automotive performs oil and filter changes, tire rotations, brake and steering system inspections, timing belt replacements and more to keep you safe and extend the life of your vehicle. Our mechanics know how to keep your vehicle operating efficiently and can warn you of potential issues before they become expensive problems.

Preventative Maintenance Must-Dos

Want to keep your car or truck going longer? DeBroux Automotive experts strongly suggest you follow our preventative maintenance tips:

Invest in High Mileage Oil

You probably already know how important regular oil changes are for your vehicle. This common service ranks among the most important preventative maintenance actions a car owner can take. Performing oil changes becomes even more crucial to your engine’s health when the odometer reaches 75,000 miles or more. High mileage oil, designed especially for older engines, contains added antioxidants, detergents and friction-reducing additives. This specially formulated oil works to reduce oil consumption, minimize leaks and reduce emissions.

Maintain the Cooling System

Failing to inspect and maintain your cooling system could result in costly repairs from major engine damage. Your cooling system and radiator regulate the temperature of your engine by dissipating the heat generated by the running engine. This cooling prevents your engine from getting too hot and damaging its many parts. Keep your cooling system and radiator working at peak efficiency with regular radiator inspections from DeBroux Automotive.

Pay Attention to Dashboard Warning Lights

Your car seems to be running just fine. Why should you bring your car in to DeBroux for a checkup when a dashboard warning light pops up? Well, there’s a reason they are called “warning lights.” Fixing a problem when it’s first detected just might prevent a bigger, more expensive breakdown in the future. Better safe than sorry!

Take Care of Your Tires

Along with your brakes and steering systems, your tires are one of the most important components in determining the handling and safety of your vehicle. Additionally, properly aligned tires with good treads and the right pressure improve gas mileage and the overall performance of your car. It only takes a little time to do regular tire alignments, tire rotations, tire pressure checks and tread wear checks, so bring your vehicle in to DeBroux Automotive today!

Trust DeBroux with the Maintenance of Your Car or Truck

Since 1989, our family-owned business has built a reputation for treating our customers and their vehicles with honor and integrity. You can trust our trained mechanics and superior services to help you keep up with your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule. We’re here to help you and keep your car rolling — call us today to schedule your preventative maintenance services!