Specializing in Classic Car Repair Since 1989

Trust DeBroux Automotive to help keep your classic car rolling down the road!

Whether you have ’65 Ford Mustang, a ‘58 Chevy Impala, a ‘53 Corvette or any other classic car, turn to DeBroux Automotive for your maintenance and repair needs. DeBroux works on all makes and models, from performing routine scheduled maintenance to rebuilding engines and transmissions.

Many automotive repair shops shy away from classic car repair. At DeBroux, we love the challenge of bringing a part of our automotive history back to life! We know where to find hard-to-get parts for older vehicles, and our team includes mechanics who specialize in keeping classic vehicles on the road with routine maintenance as well as more complex repairs.

We Love Repairing Classic Cars

At DeBroux, we happen to be especially fond of keeping classic cars running smoothly. Ever since our family-owned auto shop opened in 1989, we’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work on these historic heirlooms.

Our ASE Certified Mechanics have as much as 30 years of experience and can repair almost anything on four wheels. We love classic cars and trucks as much as our customers do, and we are thankful for the trust they place in us to work on their valuable possessions.

The Experts on Classic Cars

Passing by our auto shop, you’ll likely see the classic cars we’re working on, whether it’s for a simple tune up or an entire engine rebuild. Repairs on vehicles 25 or more years old comprises about a quarter of all the car and truck maintenance performed at DeBroux automotive.

A favorite project of our auto technicians involved replacing all of the old wiring in a restored turquoise 1963 Mercury Comet. In no time, our customer’s prized eight-cylinder classic roared like new again.

A Note From DeBroux: While we are well-known for high quality maintenance and repairs on classic cars in the Pensacola, Florida, area, we do not specialize in custom restoration work on older models. Give us a call to discuss your vehicle and see how we can help you take great care of your classic car or truck!

Bring Your Classic Car to DeBroux Today!

Don’t trust just anyone under the hood of your classic vehicle. Count on DeBroux’s honesty, experience and fairly-priced auto repair services to get your one-of-a-kind vehicle purring like new down the road again. Call Pensacola’s premier classic car auto shop today!