Stay Cool with Our Cooling System Service

Escape the Florida heat by making sure your vehicle’s A/C system blows cool air to keep you comfortable.

We can diagnose and repair A/C system leaks, damaged parts and worn out components in your car or truck.

Living in Northwest Florida, we know a properly functioning cooling system isn’t a mere luxury, it’s a downright necessity! We understand how important your A/C is to your driving experience here on the Gulf Coast. Our highly trained and certified mechanics know how to keep it running at peak performance.

If you notice your vehicle’s air conditioning system starts blowing warmer air or has a weaker air flow, bring it in to DeBroux Automotive for a full inspection. We thoroughly check your vehicle’s A/C system to identify the issue and recommend the proper repair.

DeBroux’s Comprehensive A/C Inspection

Our experienced technicians conduct a thorough A/C system performance test and visual inspection. This test checks to see if your air conditioning system holds vacuum. If we suspect a leak is causing the problem, we will perform a leak test, too. If the system holds a vacuum, we fill up the reservoir with a small amount of coolant and add a leak detection dye to the system. If we detect a leak, we must repair it first before servicing your cooling system.

Our Comprehensive A/C Inspection checklist includes:

  • Visual inspection of accessible components for leaks or damage
  • Check of the air conditioning compressor and other system components
  • Evacuation of refrigerant from the system
  • Vacuum test of the system
  • Recharge the A/C system using appropriate refrigerant according to vehicle manufacturer’s specifications
  • Adding leak detection dye to assist in finding any potential leaks

Call DeBroux Automotive for Cooling System Service and Repair!

When your cooling system makes you sweat, head on in to DeBroux Automotive. We can diagnose and repair A/C problems in all types of cars and trucks. Call us and schedule a performance check today!