Stop Your Car from Boiling Over with Radiator Service from DeBroux Automotive

Your engine produces a lot of heat while it’s running.

The radiator, cooling fans, water pump, thermostat, coolant, pressure cap, overflow tank reservoir and other parts all work together to keep your engine running at the right temperature. Be sure to keep this important system working properly with radiator service from DeBroux Automotive!

Maintaining your vehicle’s cooling system requires regular radiator service and coolant flushes based on your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations. In most cases, this involves a simple part replacement and radiator fluid exchange.

Keep Your Engine Cool with Radiator Service and Flush

Over time, particles and debris can clog the hoses and passages within the radiator and decrease the system’s ability to cool your engine. Radiator flushes help to remove these particles that otherwise build up in the vehicle’s cooling system.

Running your car or truck without regular radiator service can cause expensive engine damage that results from overheating. Radiator service from DeBroux includes a thorough inspection of the system and flushing out the old coolant and replacing it with fresh, new coolant.

Additionally, radiator service from DeBroux includes:

  • Inspection of your radiator system and pressure test for any leaks
  • Addition of flush chemicals to the radiator
  • Radiator fluid exchange
  • Refilling of radiator system with the appropriate fluid for seasonal conditions

Radiator Leaks and Overheating

Do you think your radiator may be leaking? Is your engine running hot or overheating? Bring your vehicle in to DeBroux Automotive! Our highly trained mechanics can identify the cause of these problems with our radiator service. We’ll check all the common causes for you, such as cooling fan failure, broken water pump, broken fan belt, stuck thermostat, coolant leak or a clogged radiator.

Radiator leaks often occur because of a leaky radiator cap, an internal leak originating in the head gasket or engine block, or an external leak in the cooling system. External leaks are commonly caused by a worn-out water pump or radiator hose.

Call DeBroux Automotive for Radiator Service and Repair

Whatever the reason behind your vehicle’s coolant leak or overheating radiator, DeBroux Automotive’s certified and experienced repair technicians will diagnose the problem and make the right repair recommendation for you. Give us a call today and keep your engine running cool!