Help Your Car Breathe Right

Over time and miles, deposits build up on your vehicle’s intake valves, ports, fuel injectors and combustion chambers.

These deposits can have a major negative effect on your vehicle’s horsepower and efficiency.

You may notice the effects of these deposits as your car or truck becomes sluggish or starts to shake while idling. Other symptoms of build-up include hesitation to accelerate, difficulty starting, misfires, pinging or knocking sounds and decreasing gas mileage.

Restore the Pep in Your Car’s Step!

DeBroux Automotive’s fuel-air induction clean-up uses specialized fuel system and air induction cleaners and conditioners. These products work to clean clogged fuel injectors, throttle body, intake valves, ports and air intake. Additionally, this service removes harmful combustion chamber build-up. Correcting the balance of fuel and air in your vehicle allows the engine to run more efficiently and effectively.

Today’s vehicles, especially ones with direct fuel injectors, are more sensitive to deposits that accumulate in fuel injectors, intake valves and ports. Poor gasoline quality is one of the factors that contributes to the build-up that affects your engine’s performance.

How Often Should Fuel-Air Induction Build-up be Removed?

Over time, your vehicle bakes carbon deposits onto the piston crowns, combustion chamber, injector nozzles, intake and exhaust valves and the throttle body. This leads to fuel-air induction issues that make your driving experience lousy, such as a rough idle, hard starting, poor fuel economy and other problems.

The need for a fuel-air induction cleaning service varies based upon several factors. The number of miles you drive, driving conditions and your personal driving style all have effects on build-up. Some direct fuel injection engine manufacturers recommend performing cleaning services every second or third oil change. To find out the recommendations for your make and model of vehicle, consult the owner’s manual.

Restore Your Vehicle’s Power with Fuel-Air Induction Clean-Up Services from DeBroux Automotive

At DeBroux Automotive, we quickly and effectively clean the intake manifold, ports, intake valves and combustion chamber and install injector-cleaning additives in the fuel tank of your car or truck. See us today to help restore lost power and performance with fuel-air induction service for your vehicle!