Why Fleet Maintenance is Extremely Important to Your Bottom Line

Fleet Maintenance

If you want your company to be as efficient as possible, safeguarding your vehicles and drivers is essential. After all, your fleet is what allows you to get the job done, and unnecessary truck repair only costs you downtime and negative customer impressions. In this post, we’ll talk about why fleet maintenance is so essential, and how to improve yours.

Let’s dive in. 

What is Fleet Maintenance?

Fleet maintenance is an umbrella term that refers to the steps your company takes to keep your assets in good shape and ready for use. While most people assume “fleet” refers to vehicles, it can apply to anything with an engine – including machinery and equipment. 

While fleet maintenance is essential for the functionality of your company, it’s also a significant consideration for your bottom line. Assets that are out of commission cost money, so keeping a careful eye on your fleet maintenance is the best way to protect your bottom line. 

6 Tips to Prevent Ballooning Fleet Maintenance Costs

Reduce your truck repair expenses and your downtime with these six smart tips:

1. Focus on Preventative Maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Instead of waiting until your trucks break down to service them, maintain all vehicles properly. This prevents expensive repairs and unnecessary downtime. 

2. Know Your Cost of Ownership

Keep an eye on the maintenance costs of your fleet so you can pinpoint when they begin to rise. Bonus points for understanding warranty policies and how they can impact your total cost of ownership.

3. Pick the Right Vehicles

Decrease your ongoing maintenance costs by ensuring you’re choosing the right fleet for the job. Vehicles that are overworked consistently will suffer more mechanical issues, and cost you more money. Pick options that will hold up under your desired use, and know when you need to replace vehicles that are past their prime. 

4. Make Your Company Policy Clear

Make sure your drivers understand their responsibilities as they pertain to company vehicle use policies. They should understand maintenance policies and what to do if a vehicle needs service.

5. Keep up on Simple Repairs

It’s easy to defer repairs on vehicles that are still operational. Unfortunately, this only leads to more expensive fixes down the road. Prevent this by repairing small issues as they arise. Rotate the tires, for example, service the brakes, and invest in routine oil changes and flushes.

6. Find a Preferred Fleet Maintenance Provider

One great way to protect your bottom line while also getting the maintenance your vehicle needs is to develop a partnership with a preferred fleet maintenance provider. Working with a trusted fleet maintenance provider allows you to minimize downtime, improve customer satisfaction, optimize productivity, and ensure you’re getting accurate, fair quotes. 

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