Top 5 Things Everyone Should Keep in the Car

5 things everyone should keep in the car

Your car: it’s one of your most essential possessions. You rely on it to get you from Point A to Point B. To keep your family safe in bad weather, and to run well every day. With all this in mind, it makes sense to ensure your car is stocked with everything you might need in the event of an emergency. 

In this blog, we’re going to talk about a few of the things we recommend our clients keep in their cars – just in case. Let’s dive in.

5 Things You Should Always Have in Your Vehicle

Whether you’re going down the block or across the country, these five things will ensure you’re prepared for any situation:

1. The owner’s manual

Your owner’s manual contains important information about your vehicle. Including details about recommended oil, ideal fuel and PSI levels, and the location of important components. It also has important information about your car’s ideal auto maintenance schedule. Including when to do an oil change, check tire pressure, and have your brakes serviced. Never leave home without it. 

2. Your license, insurance, and registration

In most states, the law requires you to have these things when you drive. To stay responsible on the road, remember to replace your insurance card each time a new one arrives in the mail. To keep them all easily accessible, invest in a clear plastic document wallet, and keep it in the glove box or center console. 

3. Jumper cables

You never know when you’re going to run into someone who needs a jump, or when you’ll need one yourself! Keep jumper cables handy, just in case. If you want added peace of mind, invest in a portable battery booster, which will help you revive a dead battery even if nobody is around to jump you. 

4. Tire pressure gauge

These are small and incredibly handy. Buy one and keep it in your glove box for on-the-go tire checks. This is especially important if you live in a humid climate since heat can affect your tire pressure throughout the day. 

5. A tire jack, spare, and wrench

If your tire goes flat on the side of the road, you need to know how to fix it instead of remaining stranded. Keep these three things together in the trunk to make sure you can self-rescue if required. Not sure how to change a tire on your own? Here’s a great guide

Bonus: a first aid kit

You never know when a first-aid kid could come in handy. Keep one in the glove box to deal with on-the-go bumps, scrapes, and bruises. To make your kit extra functional, pack some roadside essentials like a flashlight, spare batteries, non-perishable snack items, and an emergency blanket. 

Prepare Your Car for Anything

Your car is a valuable tool, and stocking it with these five must-haves helps you prepare for any emergency – large or small. If you’re heading out on the road for a summer road trip, stop by DeBroux Automotive before you hit the road. Our team of skilled, experienced maintenance techs will service your vehicle and ensure all its systems are safe, efficient, and ready to take you where you need to go.