Protect Your Battery Against Cold Weather This Winter

The top killer of car and truck batteries? Icy temps.

Protect your battery against cold weather by bringing it in to an auto shop for a routine checkup. A load test will easily and quickly tell you if your battery will survive the winter. After all, who wants to get stranded and freeze all their fingers and toes? Not us.
protect your battery

Battery and electrical issues on your automobile often occur when the mercury dips to freezing.

AAA’s Automotive Research Center finds a car battery typically loses about 60 percent of its strength at 0 degrees and 35 percent at 32 degrees. This means during frosty conditions, starting your car or truck will require twice as much current as under warmer weather.

Make sure your car will crank up when you need it to this winter. Our mechanics and others advise you protect your battery against cold weather by getting your battery and your starting and charging systems tested before the next cold spell hits.

Prolong Your Car Battery Life Span

Avoid being one of those drivers stuck in the cold looking for someone to help them jump start their car. Always, always unplug all of those electronic gadgets from your vehicle that we have nowadays, such as cell phones, tablets and chargers. Modern cars also have clocks, anti-theft devices and other conveniences that drain batteries. Additionally, shut off all your interior and exterior lights when you turn off your car or truck. Today, it’s estimated the life span of a battery has dropped closer to three years because of the increase in electronics drivers use, instead of up to five years.

Watch Out for These Warning Signs

Because car batteries run by an electro-chemical process innumerable factors can impact their performance. The climate, how far and how much you drive and even the amount of time you leave electronic gadgets plugged in can all affect the battery. While heat causes more damage to batteries than cold weather, starting your car or truck in cold weather puts more strain on the system.

How can you tell when your battery will kick the bucket? Generally, be aware of these indications:

  • Grinding or clicking sound when you turn on the ignition
  • Sluggish or slow crank when you attempt to start
  • Dim headlights while idling but bright ones when revving engine
  • Check engine light flickers on
  • Battery fluid level becomes low
  • Swelling or bloating from excessively high temps
  • Leaks in your battery
  • Smell of rotten eggs
  • Battery exceeds three years old

Come to DeBroux Automotive to Test Your Battery!

Help keep your car alive and kicking this winter. Protect your battery against cold weather with a thorough battery and electrical system check by calling or stopping by DeBroux Automotive today! We recommend periodic inspection, testing and cleaning and especially during our chilly days. For your peace of mind, DeBroux Automotive’s experienced and certified mechanics will install quality batteries with long warranties.