Keep Your Car Running Forever with Regular Care

Is it possible to keep your car running forever? Yes!

Irv Gordon, a retired science teacher from Patchogue, N.Y., proves you can keep your car on the road a long time. The 78-year-old has put a world record of more than 3 million miles on his 1966 Volvo P1800, the equivalent of 120 times around the world. Read more to find out how you can cruise that far in your car.
keep your car running forever

Keep Your Car Running Forever with Committed Care

Seriously, when you stand in a dealership consider how you can keep your car running forever. How far and how long do you want to drive that new car, truck or SUV? Maybe it’s not 3 million miles or more like Gordon, who says his secret is driving a car like you love it. But like him, you can watch your odometer flip over at least a couple of times with a little TLC. Get the most out of your car by following some basic tips to help it continue to roll on down the road.

Follow the Maintenance Schedule

Every car comes with an owner’s manual. Automobile manufacturers have tested your vehicle and know exactly what it needs to run like new. They map out a maintenance schedule that tells you at various mileage intervals what services should be done and give you tips on what to keep an eye on. Periodically, bring your car in for a tune-up. Unfortunately, many drivers ignore these helpful instructions. Failing to follow the recommendations likely means a shorter life span for the vehicle and having to replace it before its time.

Check Oil, Engine Fluids and Tire Pressure

This task takes about 10 minutes. Automotive experts recommend doing this with a cool engine once a week or at minimum once a month. The most important engine fluid to check is your oil. Additionally, check the levels of coolant in the radiator, the brake fluid and power steering fluid.  While under the hood, examine the hoses, belts and air cleaners for wear and tear. Start your car and let it warm up to look at the transmission fluid level. Finally, use a tire pressure gauge to ensure the proper psi in each tire. This increases your gas mileage and ensures the safety of your vehicle. You should also check your spare tire periodically.

Avoid Revving Your Engine when Starting Up

We know you like to gun the engine and hear the roar of your hot rod but overcome the urge. Your car needs time to get its juices flowing, just like you do in the morning. Let the oil circulate for at least 30 seconds before driving away. If your vehicle has sat idle for more than 24 hours, give it more time to warm up.

Ease Off the Gas Pedal and Brakes

You are not racing in the Daytona 500. Slow down and take it easy. The harder you drive your car the more time it will likely spend undergoing repairs in an auto shop and the quicker it will stop running all together. Easy does it, too, when shifting into reverse or forward. Make sure your car comes to a complete stop to reduce the stress on your transmission. Edmunds vehicle experts who tested a calm driving style found that gas mileage improved about 35 percent.

Pay Attention to Odd Noises

Another way to keep your car running forever? Listen to the noises it makes. Usually, it sputters, whines, screeches, grinds or makes other loud noises indicating it needs its battery changed, new brakes, a timing belt replaced or some other repair. When you hear unusual sounds, don’t wait to head to an auto shop to get it fixed. You may just save a minor repair from becoming a major one.

 Store Heavy Objects Elsewhere

Find an appropriate place besides your car to store heavy objects. Keeping them in your vehicle can add strain to the vehicle and make the tires go bald faster. As for your car, store it in a garage or under a carport to keep the elements from rusting it or causing other damage.

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