How Does Hot, Humid Weather Affect Your Car?

If you live in Florida, you know a thing or two about hot, humid weather. What you might not know, though, is how summer temps impact your car’s safety and driveability. In fact, living in a hot environment takes a real toll on your car's engine, and it ups the requirements for car maintenance and routine auto repair.
hot humid weather car care tips

There are lots of great ways to take good care of your car & truck, even when the weather outside is hot & humid. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Car Maintenance Matters in Humid Environments

Extreme heat takes a toll on your car. Because car engines toss off heat as they operate, running an engine in a hot environment increases wear and tear. It also puts the vehicle at risk for overheating and boosts the likelihood of other heat-related issues. 

The best defense against these problems is routine car maintenance. By monitoring your car’s engine, performance, and fluid levels, you can safeguard yourself against many common driving problems, and ensure efficient operation, even in hot weather.

Here are a few things to pay attention to:

  • Fluid levels. Check your car’s coolant, oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power-steering fluid, and windshield wiper fluid levels. 
  • Belts and Hoses. Your car’s belts and hoses are the arteries that keep the entire engine running. While you can evaluate some of your car’s belts and hoses on your own, others are hidden deep within the engine. These require review by skilled auto repair experts. 
  • Your Battery. You know cold weather can take a toll on your battery, but what about hot weather? Hot weather can drain your battery and lead to expensive repairs. For best results, be sure to have your battery evaluated by a professional every few months. This will allow you to catch problems before they become major repairs.
  • Tire Pressure. While cold weather can cause PSI to drop, hot weather causes PSI to increase. Every 10 degrees of outdoor air temperature increase can increase your tire pressure by 1-2 pounds. Because of this, it’s wise to keep your tire pressure at manufacturer-recommended levels during hot weather, to prevent blowouts and excessive wear. When it doubt, visit your local tire sales and service expert

Taking Care of Your Car in Hot Weather

Florida summers are hard on cars. Between long stints on the interstate and lots of hot, humid weather, cars need a bit more love and TLC to thrive during warm months. In addition to keeping your vehicle inside to protect the paint job, be sure to pay close attention to the maintenance keys above. When you ensure proper car maintenance during hot, humid months, you will increase the safety and enjoyability of your daily drive.

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