Classic Car Repair Done Right at DeBroux Automotive

Whether you have a ‘39 Coupe or 1963 Comet, turn to the experts at DeBroux Automotive for your classic car repair.

DeBroux works on all makes and models, even classic autos. We can rebuild engines, adjust carburetors, redo the wiring and perform routine maintenance. Count on DeBroux’s honesty, experience and fairly priced auto repair services to get you and your classic beauty purring down the road again!
classic car repair

Believe it or not, no widely held consensus exists in today’s world on the definition of a classic car. Is it a classic or just an old jalopy?

Defining a Classic Car

Even major car clubs agree to disagree. The Antique Automobile Club of America defines classic cars as “fine” or “unusual” domestic or foreign automobiles between 25 and 50 years old. Greater than 50 classifies as “antique.”

Meanwhile, the Classic Car Club of America maintains a list of classic cars. It considers them “fine” or “distinctive” domestic or foreign vehicles produced between 1915-1925 and 1942-1948.

Many states have laws that characterize motorized vehicles more than 20 or 25 years old as classic cars.

Generally, a classic car must be an older automobile that possesses historical interest that makes it a collectible worth preserving and restoring rather than junking it. Despite the various definitions, many American classic car shows typically exhibit automobiles from the 1920s to the 1970s.

Automobile experts estimate about three million people worldwide own an older vehicle. Of those, about 500,000 can be categorized as classic car buffs. And nearly 150,000 own two or more classic cars.

 Classic Car Repair Done by DeBroux Automotive

You thought it would be easy to find an auto mechanic to do your classic car repair. Not so! Keeping your classic car maintained takes dedication and hard work, so you can continually enjoy them on the open road.

The experts at DeBroux Automotive hear from customers all the time that other auto shops shy away from working on older cars. Several reasons exist for that. It can be costly to stock and store parts. Training mechanics and tying up a service bay for more complex repairs also gets expensive. Plus, turnover among auto repair technicians makes it difficult to keep someone with the skill and knowledge to fix older models.

But DeBroux specializes in classic car repair. Two of its three mechanics have worked on cars for more than 30 years. Whether you need to rebuild an engine, adjust the carburetor, redo the wiring or some other routine maintenance, you can trust DeBroux. Its highly trained and experienced auto repair technicians will do the work right.

Experts on Classic Cars

DeBroux can repair anything! And they have since opening in 1989. Local owner Rodney Scott still remembers the classic car repair done on a restored 1963 turquoise Mercury Comet. Scott and his expert mechanics replaced all of the old wiring in the classic auto. In no time, the eight-cylinder roared like new again.

Classic car repair on vehicles 25 or more years old comprises about 25 percent of all the car and truck business done by DeBroux, Scott reports. DeBroux completed maintenance recently on a ’39 Coupe. It is one of many classic cars that has undergone service at the auto repair shop. Waiting now for repairs are a 1970 Ford pickup, which needs a rebuilt motor, and a 1981 Chevy truck, which needs service on its carburetor.

 Get Your Classic Car Repair Done by DeBroux!

Bring in your classic car to DeBroux Automotive where they treat your prized cars like their very own. Whether you own a ’39 Coupe or ’63 Comet or a newer car, truck or SUV, don’t trust just anyone under the hood. Call or stop by locally owned and operated DeBroux! Our certified and experienced auto repair technicians handle oil changes to full engine rebuilds on all makes and models, even classic ones!