Automotive Computer Reflashing Can Help You Avoid Costly Repairs

You want to avoid a major car repair before it happens, right?

After all, you have more important things to spend your hard-earned paycheck on. Bring your vehicle to DeBroux Automotive. They will hook up your car and perform an Automotive Computer Reflashing. This special service diagnoses if your automobile manufacturer issued any computer updates. If so, DeBroux can download them to improve your car’s performance and to ensure your safety.
automotive computer reflashing

Your car won’t start, sputters when you hit the gas, gobbles up fuel, shakes when idling or experiences a variety of other problems. What’s going on? Bring it to DeBroux Automotive and let them perform an Automotive Computer Reflashing.

What is Automotive Computer Reflashing?

Also known as flashing, reprogramming, programming or reconfiguring, this specialty repair has started to become an essential diagnostic tool in automotive repair shops.

Every car these days has a computer. Automobile manufacturers gather data about engine problems. Then they put out computer updates to help cars or trucks run better.

Unless your dealer notifies you of the update you may not be aware of it. That’s where DeBroux steps in. It owns the special computer to hook up to your car and download the updates it needs.

Why is Reflashing so Important?

Reflashing or reprogramming is the process of replacing the existing software in a vehicle controller with new software. This requires an electronic transfer of approved calibration files from a vehicle manufacturer’s website.

You might think this service only includes vehicles under warranty. But even after warranties expire, auto manufacturers constantly make changes to controller software. This solves problems such as false DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), hesitation, rough idle, emissions problems, hard starting, poor fuel economy and others.

More than 100 million cars on the road today support reflashing. Studies indicate that 7 out of 10 vehicles require a calibration update.

DeBroux Automotive Offers this Special Service!

In case you didn’t know, computers and software in cars has skyrocketed. Simply updating the vehicle controller is rapidly becoming one of the top solutions to repair your vehicle today. Call or stop by DeBroux today and let it perform its Automotive Computer Reflashing service. DeBroux can diagnose the issues with your domestic, Asian or European vehicle and get you running smoothly and safely on the road again!