4 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Car’s AC System

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Cold air: it’s a refreshing addition to any car – especially in the heat of a Florida summer. If you want to stay cool and comfortable this summer, knowing how to take care of your car’s AC system is critical.

In this blog, we’ll discuss a few simple ways to take care of your car’s air conditioning, how to keep the cold air flowing, and what to do if something goes wrong.

Let’s dive in. 

4 Tips to Care for Your Car’s AC System

Regardless of whether you drive an old car or something brand-new, cold air is important and we all want our air conditioning systems to work reliably. 

Fortunately, these tips will help keep your air conditioning system in great shape:

1. Change your air filter

A dirty air filter affects the air blowing into your car’s cabin, lowers your fuel efficiency, and makes your car’s AC system less efficient. With that in mind, change your car’s air filter regularly. 

Installing a new filter every 12,000 miles will ensure you’re always breathing clean, cold air. Plus, it could improve your gas mileage by as much as 10 percent.  

2. Keep an eye on the refrigerant

Your car’s AC system relies on fluids – specifically refrigerant – to keep running. If you notice that your air conditioning seems lukewarm or the airflow is weak, it might be a sign that you need to replenish your refrigerant. 

Since this can be a complex job, we recommend taking your car to a trusted mechanic to have it done. Alternately, ask the team to check your refrigerant levels the next time your oil is changed. Generally, you’ll want to recharge your air conditioning system every two years. 

3. Listen for noises

If you notice noise when your AC runs or the air conditioning system is erratic, it could signify that your compressor is nearing the end of its life. 

Your AC compressor pumps refrigerant through the car’s AC system. Knowing the signs of a worn compressor allows you to replace it before it dies and leaves you with no AC. 

4. Go easy on your AC

How you run your AC significantly impacts the system’s life expectancy. Instead of getting in the car and cranking up the air right away, start slowly. 

Think of it like driving: we all know that rapid braking and acceleration are tough on our cars. The same goes for rapid cooling requests on your car’s AC system. 

To avoid overworking your air conditioning system, focus first on keeping your car cool. Park in a shaded or covered area, if possible. When it’s time to turn on the AC, gradually reduce the temperature. This helps your air conditioning system last longer and run stronger. 

Need an AC Service?

Come see our TeamSummer is just around the corner! If your car’s AC system needs some love, our mechanics are here to help. Visit our team for a refrigerant recharge, a complete system service, or anything else you might need. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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